The Project LNG Chameleon


To study LNG powered freight market on the Mediterranean Corridor (Barcelona-Ljubljana) through innovative approaches & technologies in order to allow quick deployment of Natural gas as alternative clean fuel in a smart and economical way.

Additionally, the action also aims to study the implementation of LNG refuelling point in the Port of Barcelona as one key core node in the exchange of goods (starting and ending point for road freight transport).


  • Deployment of 3 L-CNG refuelling stations in 3 strategic points across the Mediterranean Corridor.
  • Investigate technology and operational options for carrying out improvements on LNG infrastructure, including vehicles, and LNG logistics service focused on bringing installation and operational costs down and making LNG an attractive commercial viable alternative fuel. The investigation also aims to address the relation between business-client in order to address appropriately client’s needs in the different geographical areas
  • Perform a real-life trial study using 3 (+3) L-CNG refuelling stations located at 6 strategic points of Mediterranean corridor.
  • Elaborate a deployment plan, appropriate business models and overall recommendations for the roll out of a full network along the Mediterranean corridor.