La Jonquera

La Jonquera is a key point in placed nearby the cross-border between Spain and France, along the Mediterranean corridor. The action will significantly benefit the population of this municipality and the surrounding areas by improving the air quality, as well as by reducing the GHG emissions and environmental impacts on sensitive areas as the Pyreneans. It should be noted that the motorway of the Mediterranean corridor (A9-A7) has a very strong freight traffic with over 8000 trucks / day (3 million / year) for 46 million tons of goods in 2010. Almost half of the Trans Pyrenean freight road traffic consists mostly of flows between France and Spain; the two other main flows are Spain – Germany and Spain – Italy[1].

[1] European Commission. Study on the Mediterranean TEN-T corridor, Final report. Final report. December 2014


Coordinates: 42.410089,2.876272